A new member of the family!

Lea has photographed our family for the last 8 years.  We were so impressed with her work – we flew her and her assistant to Austin, Texas to photograph our wedding.

She did a phenomenal job.  Last summer, we were back at Isle of Palms for a family gathering.  She took the most amazingly pictures of my 6 month old baby and our family.  We did not know this would be our last beach trip with Papaw.  I texted her (because we are Facebook friends and she knew something was wrong with papaw), I asked her to make a book for PaPaw to see before he passed away (we had been meaning to do this earlier).  She had it to us within days and Papaw got so happy seeing the book.  My mother in law still keeps it at her front door for people to enjoy reminiscing.  If I can say anything about Lea – she is a great photographer and you will feel as though she is family after your session.


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