Laura and Matt – A Magnolia Elopement

Laura and Matt were married in a private ceremony at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens this past weekend.  She was a stunning bride and I love that she will get to wear two wedding gowns (just like me) as they celebrate back home in Raleigh with a big party next year.  For this elopement, they were with parents and siblings!
Laura loves to paint, play volleyball, drink and play cards with friends, play with her Italian Greyhound, watch action movies and Real Housewives and my favorite, support Matt while he cooks by reading the news to him!  How awesome is that!
Matt loves to play soccer, trains for Iron Mans, also plays with the dogs, keeps up the yard, reads about news and stocks and again loves cooking almost every meal.
These two love birds met on Laura’s first day in Raleigh.  They were both out walking their dogs.  Matt asked her on a date like Romeo!  Laura was up on her apartment balcony and he called up to her.  They went to a farm-to-foodie beer tasting charity event and that sealed the deal.  Besties ever since!

Here is what Laura said about Matt’s proposal –


Two weeks into dating we decided to go to a fancy dinner and were asked what we were celebrating so we said our two week anniversary. It’s been a joke since. So in July, at 1 year and 2 weeks, we went back there for dinner and when we came home, the whole backyard was lit up with tiki torches, champagne, roses and he started telling me his life was complete except one thing…. and knelt down and proposed.
Wait to you hear what’s next for these two!  They hope for a family right away.  Christmas would be nice.

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