A Hospital Fieldtrip

I realize this does not look like what you would expect to see at a hospital! Actually, the hospital is being built at this very moment. The East Cooper Regional Medical Center in Mt. Pleasant broke ground a few months ago on the ground of their new site. A lot has happened there in a few months time! The 5th grade class at the school across the street wanted to check it out and yesterday I followed them around as the children got a geology lesson and learned what goes in to building something as massive as a hospital!

Here comes the first group!

Pam Tucker was there to greet them with a warm smile.

These boys are looking at shells that have been excavated from the site. They are believed to be over a million years old!

Do you think hard hats will ever be in fashion?

I wonder what he found?

I thought the questions the children had were excellent!

See their slideshow here: slideshow

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