A Trip to Jost Van Dyke

Some months ago, my friend and client Joe Castor sent me a message on Facebook asking me if I were interested in going to Jost Van Dyke in January.  No more needed to be said!! Stephanie was having a big birthday and he had this crazy idea of taking me along to document their trip.  We had quite an adventure.  It began last Thursday.

Here is Stephanie arriving at the St. Thomas airport.  Joe sent her over to the bar where I was waiting for her.

We took a taxi over to Red Hook to pick up a private boat.

This is Ken, our boat captain.  He took us over to Tortola to get through customs there.  The people in the customs office knew we were running late and kept their lights on for us!  How nice was that.

We arrived on Jost around 7pm after a LONG day of traveling.  We hit our destination, Ivan’s, just in time for a FANTASTIC buffet.  More tomorrow!!

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