A Week of Wonderful Families

So, while the contest was going on I was busy taking photos of these wonderful people!

The Taylor’s

Mary is the director of NaFidleiri, an amazing group of children who play traditional Irish Fiddle music! Check out their website. They have a new live CD out from Spoteto last year and the photos were from their concerts throughout Ireland!

Next you can leave comments and help the Stone’s choose their Christmas card this year!

Sabrina Miller asked me to take photos of her daughter after she made her First Holy Communion. Now it is Zach’s turn! Isn’t he handsome? We met at the Cistern at the College of Charleston.

The Deluca’s are always a pleasure to see and photograph! We went to Sullivan’s Island to shoot these.

The Brown’s are another wonderful family I look forward to seeing every summer.

The contest is about to close! Enjoy these and I will have results tomorrow!

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