Author: Lea Austen

Stephanie and Guy
Jan. 28
For the first time in quite a long time I was a guest at a wedding! Mark and Veronica have become good friends with the bride, Stephanie, who works at Wild Dunes. She and Guy were married on Saturday night at the Sand Dunes Club on Sullivan's Island. Their ceremony was lovely and I took just a handful of pictures. Veronica with the happy couple! I thought this little girl looked like a little bride herself. VIEW POST
The Jamison’s Celebrate 50 years
Jan. 26
What a lovely family I met yesterday! It was a beautiful sunny day but it was cold when I arrived at the Jamison's beach house on the Isle of Palms. Their family had all come together to help celebrate their parent's 50th wedding anniversary! VIEW POST
Jan. 25
The Mast General Store in Valle Crucis was one of our stops as well over our getaway weekend. It opened in 1883 and aparently in it's hayday the store carried everything from "cradles to caskets." The thing that I loved were the signs and advertising posters that the owner, Mr. Mast hung decades ago. Here are just a few! Weather today in Charleston and the beaches: high of 41 BURRRR I have a family photo session on the beach at 4:30. I think it is going to be a wee bit nippy. VIEW POST
Sugar Mountain
Jan. 24
On Friday we took the kids up to Sugar Mountain for a day of snowboarding. AJ could not wait to hit the slopes and in his excitement accidentally chose a double black diamond for his first run. OOPS! Veronica was not so lucky. She had never been skiing or snowboarding so we set her up with a private lesson. Going back to the car to get her snow gear, she twisted her ankle and had to spend a few hours in the Ski Patrol with ice on her leg. Notice however, the BIG smile! Her spill did not spoil her day. She made friends with the medics and enjoyed her dad's book! Glenn , your book entertained (and educated) our 12 year old daughter. Thanks! KKEP THOSE SNOWY MEMORIES COMING!! VIEW POST