Author: Lea Austen

Senior Sessions New Chapters... Endings and Beginnings... Apprehension and Excitement... Rites of Passage How I love Seniors! What a great opportunity to listen to them, to hear a younger perspective, to ask questions and be excited along with them. These sessions are so meaningful. Multiple outfits, showing off the many sides of their personality and the chance to have it all in a beautiful book complete with quotes and thoughts and hopes and dreams to look back on for decades to come. Call me to begin this amazing adventure .... VIEW POST
So, Why Hire A Pro? With cell phones and smart cameras, it seems that everyone is a photographer these days. As members of PPA, Professional Photographers of America, we want our clients to understand the difference and why when you go to hire a photographer, it is wise to invest more to achieve a better experience and outcome in your images. Just to give you a brief education, here are a few examples of before and after images with explanations of the work that goes into the editing process. On top of learning programs like Lightroom and Photoshop, we carry licenses, pay taxes and for some even pay rent for a brick and mortar building. Are there "weekend warriors" who will come shoot for a few hundred dollars? Of course there are! And if th... VIEW POST
Empowering Women Through Photography Meet Doni Snider. Doni is a truly amazing woman who lives every day with migraines, fibromyalgia and arthritis yet manages to get up every day and care for her husband of 25 years and her son. She came to me feeling hoping to be inspired and reminded of the incredible woman she is. My gratitude to Amanda Mae who gave her a beautiful look for her session with on point hair and makeup styling. If you want to experience the POWER of celebrating you in front of the camera I would love to hear from you. Beauty does not diminish with age. You are powerful, beautiful and have a unique story to tell. I would be honored to be a part of that. VIEW POST
The Exten Family
Jan. 19
Last month I had the chance to photograph my last family of 2020 to close out that ______ year! I actually didn't mind 2020 in some ways. I did a lot of learning and got to spend more time with family. I was even more grateful for the clients I was able to see with vacations being cancelled among other things. Here are a few of the images from our session at Wild Dunes at the Property Owners Beach House. It was a bit nippy but they were ALL IN! I love helping my clients visualize their art on the walls of their home... VIEW POST