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So, Why Hire A Pro? With cell phones and smart cameras, it seems that everyone is a photographer these days. As members of PPA, Professional Photographers of America, we want our clients to understand the difference and why when you go to hire a photographer, it is wise to invest more to achieve a better experience and outcome in your images. Just to give you a brief education, here are a few examples of before and after images with explanations of the work that goes into the editing process. On top of learning programs like Lightroom and Photoshop, we carry licenses, pay taxes and for some even pay rent for a brick and mortar building. Are there "weekend warriors" who will come shoot for a few hundred dollars? Of course there are! And if th... VIEW POST
How to Dress for a Black & White Photo Shoot I have had quite a few requests for black and white photo sessions lately so I thought it would be a great idea to put down in this blog post some of the tips I have learned from some great mentors throughout my career. Black and white photographs are an amazing way to create a classic and timeless statement piece. The difficult thing is to visualize it since we live in a color world. Color is important and when rendered to a black and white, the colors become varying shades of grey, from solid white to solid black. For example, blue will appear much darker grey than yellow, which will appear a lighter shade of grey. Think about the contrast of colors that will make a black and white photo interesting. Wearing black and whi... VIEW POST
Show It Off – Inspiring Ideas to Display Your Photos
Oct. 7
Want to learn how to display photos like a pro? I have you covered with tips and tricks for curating the perfect gallery wall and of course with our photo session, you will get all of me to help you create beautiful wall collections from your session. Looking for tips on how to display photos to update your room really quickly and easily? Well, you are in the right place because we just happen to be pros in displaying pictures, photos and curating the most beautiful gallery walls. Achieve a balanced display. When displaying pics, it’s best to hang the larger, more heavily framed or larger pieces to the left, which is where the eye will naturally look first, and the lighter, smaller pictures to the right.  What's on t... VIEW POST
My Happy Place It's interesting when you take a moment to reflect on your life and choices and see how the different paths you picked led you to where you are now. Then being able to decide what to do going forward. For me, I grew up with the deep desire to be an actress on Broadway and in the movies. I wanted to be like the stars of old who would sing and act and dance and of course looked glamorous even getting out of bed in the morning. For a time in my life I enjoyed being able to perform in the theatre and on film. I was able to model and feel glamorous too. As my life took it's twists and turns, I found my "happy place" was no longer in NYC and on the stage, well at least for a time, I thought. Following my heart, I got married, ra... VIEW POST