Changes are Coming!!! 50-50

As many of you know, I met a wonderful man three years ago.  Last September he asked me to marry him and I accepted.  This September we will be getting married at the Old Sheldon Church and could not be more excited about celebrating this day with our families.  Because I am so traditional (yes I hear some laughter) I have decided to take Jon’s last name and change the name of my business as well.  I will be Lea Austen and the company will be Lea Austen Photography!  I am going to keep much of the look the same but my name will change so please take note over the next few months of site changes, email changes and Facebook changes too.

I will be thinking about some fun ways to celebrate with you too.  Some promotions and other discounts in 2014 and I  thank you all for being my friends.   I am a very blessed lady!

My photographer is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to share the photos with you.

So today there are 50 days until my wedding and in case you didn’t know, my 50th birthday is also around the corner on Sept. 5th!!!

50 is the new 30  …. I just keep telling myself that.  It makes me feel better

Have a great day!

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