My photography style is candid, photojournalistic, yet intentional. I think my background in acting and teaching yoga has made me more mindful towards the little details. It’s the secret winks, the silly smiles and stolen kisses, that often go unnoticed, yet carry so much value and meaning. I’ll be sure to surprise you with some lovely shots of those moments. 


Life goes by too fast. It seems like only yesterday you welcomed your little ones into this world. You helped them take their first step, watched how they explored the world, hugged them tight when they got scared. Yet today, you’re already kissing them goodbye and sending them off to college. It’s overwhelming (trust me I know, I have 4 kids, all in their 20’s). Don’t let life pass you by. Don’t expect your memories to be as sharp when you’re 50. Pause and celebrate this moment right now through photos.


Having shot many big wedding receptions, I realized that I enjoy and connect more to the intimate ceremonies. Those where only family members and close friends attend, where you can spend time and get to know the story and relationship of every guest, highlighting their unique personality and pure happiness for the newly weds. I get to spend more time with the bride and groom, creating beautiful portraits that show how much they love each other.




Get to know You

Call me or send me a message via the contact form. I'll reach out to answer your questions and use this opportunity to get to know each other. We start with a phone call.


Confirm Details

In our consultation, we will discuss your wants and needs, the vision for the shoot, as well as the location and time. If it's a wedding, we'll talk about the venue and formals. This can be done via Zoom or some other platform if meeting in person is not available to us.


The Big Day

Here we meet and take our photos. Family, senior portraits, weddings. And shoot for as long as it takes to get the perfect shots in.


Viewing and Ordering

This is when it really gets exciting. To sit down and view the amazing art you are the subject of and to choose what images will be displayed or what we will put into a custom book to have and cherish.


What are your sitting fees?

Before I get into my pricing, I want to share my philosophy on what your session means. Hiring me as your photographer means you will be getting only "Ritz Carlton" service from the very first hello to the gorgeous framed art for your home. I believe your precious photographs should be displayed as art in your home, not stuck in drawers or left on a computer screen. Let's talk and work together to create amazing photos to give you goosebumps, smiles and lots and lots of joy.

What comes with my session?

Our time together begins with our first conversation. Once I get all the juicy details about you, your family, your likes and dislikes, your reasons for having photos taken, we move to a sit down consultation. Here we discuss the location, time and date, clothes and all that fun stuff. After the session, you will be delighted, amazed and excited to view your photos on screen so we can choose together what will be the final product. Your beautiful canvas prints, collage collections and books will be hand picked and thoughtfully placed in your home.

What should I wear?

This is a great part of our consultation conversation. But here are just a few ideas: If your party is large, I recommend being coordinated as much as you can and to avoid shirts with logos. Smaller families clothing choice does not matter quite so much. Remember, you want the viewer to focus on faces and not on clothing! For beach shoots, khaki and white or pastel colors are always flattering. Blue’s and denim look nice too. I do sit people down and sand shows up strongly on denim. For the teens, remember not to wear anything too short since that mini skirt will get even shorter when you sit down! Colors to avoid: bright yellow and bright red are not always flattering. I also love neutral tones. Charcoal, grey, oranges and browns.

What is the best time to take beach pictures?

Like the song says….Sunrise, Sunset! Sunrise and Sunset are the nicest times to be on the beach taking pictures. The light is softer and there is less chance of glare and squinting. The sand, water and sun can create a very unfriendly atmosphere when you are trying to take a picture on the beach. Most people squint or tear up when asked to look in the direction of the sun and that shows up in your photos. Harsh shadows are also problems when shooting on the beach at other times of the day. Although I do not refuse late morning or afternoon sessions, these are the things to think about before requesting one. I do try and get you off the beach for some shaded shots as well, but those are not ON the beach!

Do you edit all your images?

Images are not completely color corrected or edited. I will always color correct and edit images before printing.

What is the difference between high resolution and low resolution images?

High resolution images are images that can be printed. Low resolution images are small and look nice when viewing online either on a webpage, Instagram or Face Book. If you were to print the image it would be pixilated and would not look as nice as it does on your computer.

Can I bring my own camera to take pictures too?

This is a tough question to answer. I will not say no to this request, however, you need to understand what might happen if you do. It has been my experience that families who try and shoot “behind the photographer” often end up with photos where people in the picture are looking in every direction. My job gets harder trying to get all eyes on me if people are being distracted. If you want to take photos and risk that happening that is your choice. My recommendation would be to leave your cameras home since you hired someone to take them for you or to plan a few minutes together after I go to take your shots!

What are your sitting fees and cancellation policies?

I book all reservation with a major credit card (Visa or MC). I do accept personal check, cash, Venmo or PayPal at the time of the session. Holiday weeks I require a two week notice to cancel. Any other time you can cancel up to 48 hours before your session date. I am not at all unreasonable and I understand when family is sick or transportation did not come thru and people are missing! You will be charged the full amount of the session for a no show to an appointment and half of the session fee if you cancel late and I can’t book another family.
At the viewing appointment we will choose your prints and wall collections and you can place a deposit down then to move forward with printing and on to framing!!!