Friday In St Thomas

It was a very quiet day here. There were no cruise ships in dock which meant very little tourist action. This was not lucky for business owners but it was so lucky for me! I started the day down at Emancipation Park where all these small groups of students had come with their teachers to decorate trees with ornaments made of recyclables. I was watching one young man setting up a photo of his teacher and classmates by thier tree and asked him if he should be in the photo too. So we all started chatting, teacher and children alike. It was wonderful! I promised to email them the photos I took of them and I will do that before the weekend is out. Here is Ms. Julie Armbruster from Gladys A. Abraham Elementary School with Jahmar Davis, Esau David, Kobe Sutton, Mustafa Asel and Hussein Mustafa. These children are all 10 and 11 years old and so nice and polite.

I watched some of a sailing regatta that was going on in the bay. It was beautiful to watch the boats. After a little while I started to stroll down the almost empty streets. I found some beautiful treasures. Most I left in the stores! In one of the malls there was a Lladro store. This chandelier is made of fairies and retails for $85,000. NO HONEY, I did not buy it! (hehe)

While I was taking those photos I had a lovely lady standing beside me also taking a picture. Patti Hoech and her husband Don were shopping in town. They have a lovely home here but their main residence is in Albequeque. We had a fantastic time talking and I even got to enjoy dinner with them

Patti has a neice who lives in Mt P. Small world isn’t it.

Then the rain started. I took cover in Fresh Produce. There I met Bethany, my soul sister for sure. I hope we can spend some time together before I have to leave. Bethany lived in NYC just like me, she is an actress and educator, just like me and we were so like minded in everything we shared. It was such a gift to meet her. Thank you God for the rain. Bethany is so energetic and visionary. She has opened 4 children’s theatres. One is here on St Thomas. IT is called Pistarckle Theatre.

After the rain ended, I walked for hours taking photos of buildings and flowers. This amber waterfall is in the Lafayette House. The doors were locked but a really nice artist John Chinnery let me in to take a look and then shared is portfolio of art with me. As I was leaving I just happened to turn around and look up only to realize that I was looking back up the hill at my hotel, Mafolie.

Oh, I can’t forget my lunch either. Calico Jack’s on Hybiscus Alley was out of this world. I had a berry salad and a reaf tea. YUMMY. Some ladies next to me all got these pizzas which from the sound of their conversation sounded amazing. I can tell you they looked delicious. This restaurant is newly opened and a real find for sure!

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