Honeymoon Travel!

Hi Everyone! So even with all the family photo sessions, getting to know you sessions, senior sessions and weddings I have been doing, my mind is racing with some exciting ideas. I am either becoming VERY ADD or I am seeking adventure at my ripe young age. Maybe it is both! I am really looking forward to my senior sessions and will post a Senior Book I made this week I hope. Here is yet another idea I had; HONEYMOON TRAVEL!

Think about it, your own personal photographer traveling with you. Of course, some things stay “off camera.” But the travel, leisure and sightseeing come with gorgeous photos of you and your honey. Forget bringing the point and shoot camera which only captures your heads (distorted too by the way!), and get images and memories you will drool over even when, well, when you are old and drooling!! (hehe)

Leave me comments. Let me know what you think. Now to figure out how to get the word out….humm….


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