How to Dress for a Black & White Photo Shoot

I have had quite a few requests for black and white photo sessions lately so I thought it would be a great idea to put down in this blog post some of the tips I have learned from some great mentors throughout my career.

Black and white photographs are an amazing way to create a classic and timeless statement piece. The difficult thing is to visualize it since we live in a color world.

Color is important and when rendered to a black and white, the colors become varying shades of grey, from solid white to solid black. For example, blue will appear much darker grey than yellow, which will appear a lighter shade of grey. Think about the contrast of colors that will make a black and white photo interesting. Wearing black and white clothing is not a good option.

I mentioned contrast. Remember the background you will be against. If your background is dark, wearing dark clothes will have you blending into the background. Go with a contrasting color. Also think about your skin tone and choose colors that flatter that as well.

Clothing choice not only includes color but texture. Avoid a busy pattern or print. This also is true when doing a large group shot. Make sure everyone is not wearing the same color and style, but they should not conflict either! Look for complimentary styles and colors, but allow for your individual personality to be reflected in the choices too!

This is where having me come over and look at some choices and make recommendations could come in handy! That is part of having a boutique experience.

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