Marriage Proposal!!

Doesn’t this just make you feel good???


Play ifnromaitve for me, Mr. internet writer.

That was awesome! Brought tears to my eyes, and I don’t even know them!

I love these pictures!!! They really capture the event! It is so nice to see Rick and Jen so happy!! Congratulations!

Thanks Lea for capturing such a special day so perfectly. Wonderful Experience. That is why we keep coming back.

I rember when you were sitting on our back patio and you were going I think it was your third date with Rick, I am so happy for you and Rick. Lot of happiness!

Jen McGonigle and Rick Wiesman

It is so great to see all these pictures in a slideshow! It was definitely the best day of our life! Thank you so much!

Awesome. Hope you will enjoy this trip and the memories will be there forever. We are happy for all of you.

Wow!! That was awesome! I feel like I was there with you! Congrads. See you soon!

Very nice! It made me cry! Congratulations!

Mary Bowman-Kruhm

Wonderful! Almost felt as if I were there.

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