Meghan and Kevin Brown

Meghan and Kevin are two amazing people and I am so happy that they found each other and that mom and I had the pleasure of helping them make their wedding day a success.

Meghan and Kevin met in December of 2008 at a New Year’s Eve party.  They became an “official” couple in February. They love to do almost everything together; read, talk their Bernese Mountain puppy, watch movies, and spend time with family.  Meghan says she and Kevin compliment each other in every way!  They share dog walking responsibilities, they compromise, Kevin cooks and Meghan bakes, and they always say I love you and have each others backs when the hard stuff sneaks in.

They hope to make Ireland their honeymoon destination soon but for now they are enjoying Rhode Island where they live.

They picked such a pretty venue too for their wedding last weekend.  Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina.  Thanks again you guys.

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