Merry Christmas!

Growing up in New England I remember the magic of snow on Christmas. There was nothing more magical than to wake up on Christmas morning to a blanket of white on the front lawn or to go through the day and suddenly realize that a snow had begun to fall. Although I relive these fond memories in my mind, I am thankful to live in the warmer south!

Sights like these beautiful sweetgrass baskets are what we see now here in Charleston.

Of course, Christmas is more than snow and presents and Santa Claus. Christmas is about the love of God. With all the challenges our family has been handed this year I am finding myself brought to my knees more and more often. I am so thankful that His love is unconditional. God gave us the greatest, most precious gift. His son. That sweet baby we remember at Christmas became a man who died for each of us. God’s gift of salvation is freedom, purpose, and a life that includes your past, present and future.

When I was planning my wedding I added this verse from Ecclesiastes to our wedding invitation:

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

I invite you to read the Christmas story if you never have. You can find it in Luke. Chapter 2 beginning in the 8th verse.

My mom sent me this You Tube link this morning. I hope you are blessed by it.

Click here to view Oh Holy Night

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

In this coming year may there be “peace on Earth, good will toward men.”

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