Mr. and Mrs. Brett Eppehimer

Lindsay and Brett were married at St John the Baptist Cathedral in a beautiful full Catholic mass at 11:00 August 6th.  I was so moved by their ceremony and Father’s homily.  Had to hold back the tears of joy for them!  Lindsay and Brett met on E-Harmony and dated a little over a year before getting married.  They are amazing together.  They love traveling, spending time walking the streets and alleys of downtown Charleston, relaxing and cooking together.  Lindsay warned me when we met that Brett was not a big fan of the camera so we never got together to do a Getting To Know You Session.  I have to say he did a GREAT job on the wedding day.  Thanks Brett for not running away from me.

Enjoy these photos and the slideshow.  Please go to Lea Dales Photography on Facebook and friend me and have your friends and family do the same!  All the photos can be found in the proofing area of the website

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