Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kraper

Ken and Catie had a fairy tale wedding last Saturday in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They were married at Catie’s family’s Catholic Church and their reception was held at the Sandia Resort and Casino.

The bridal party was so much fun to hang out with!

During the reception a singer from the band went from table to table having guests sing lines from songs with the word “love” in them. After a table would sing, Catie and Ken would kiss! It was so funny to watch and listen to everyone get into this activity.

MUSIC VIDEO: Draper Kraper Reception Dancing

Draper Kraper Wedding Webshow

Click on the blue link above to view webshow. Password is “Kraper” if you view through the website.

Draper Craper Wedding Photos

you can click on the blue link above to view all the photos from the weekend. The password to view is “Kraper”

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