Mr and Mrs Sterling

We have Starbucks to thank for the union of this happy couple!  They met while Allyson was working and Michael was a frequent client!  That first half hour chat led to 2.5 years of dating bliss.  Allyson is in medical school and has a tough schedule. There are lots of pressures with that but they have managed to work through them together.   Allyson put it best by sharing, “What makes us unique is our desire, motivation and sometimes sheer will power to push through simply becasue we love one another, simply because it seems like there wasn’t actually a time before the other came along.”  I love that.

They have discovered a love of wine.  They travel when they can to vineyards and wineries while they taste and dream of owning their own someday.


Too many compliments too litlte space, thanks!

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