It’s interesting when you take a moment to reflect on your life and choices and see how the different paths you picked led you to where you are now. Then being able to decide what to do going forward. For me, I grew up with the deep desire to be an actress on Broadway and in the movies. I wanted to be like the stars of old who would sing and act and dance and of course looked glamorous even getting out of bed in the morning.

For a time in my life I enjoyed being able to perform in the theatre and on film. I was able to model and feel glamorous too. As my life took it’s twists and turns, I found my “happy place” was no longer in NYC and on the stage, well at least for a time, I thought.

Following my heart, I got married, raised children and fast forward A LOT of years, found a new home and new career in photography.

Holding my camera was always a hobby and always brought happiness to me. Taking my film to be developed or mailing it in to Kodak and waiting for the envelope to come back was always filled with excitement and anticipation. This happy place for me let me to hang my shingle and begin my career as a photographer.

To this day, I am so happy when I am holding my camera, making people smile, cracking a joke or enjoying conversation while I am clicking away. The joy I have in sharing these sweet moments back to my clients is priceless for me.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to photograph my clients. I know how much work and effort it takes to plan and organize, to fix hair and iron clothes. I don’t take any of that for granted. My happy place is wherever I can be, camera in hand, serving others and creating memories.

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