Nathalie Boudreau and Alan Morris Wedding

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Nathalie and Alan met when he auditioned for Nathalie’s band Throwback in 2011 (Alan plays guitar, Nathalie plays drums). They played together for over a year when he, out of the blue, told Nathalie how he felt about her.  She did not see it coming!  Her decision to “give it a shot” payed off.  Not only is he cute and sweet and talented, he is also now her husband!
He proposed on Christmas Eve of 2014, in their living room. She opened her Christmas gift from him which started out as a big box, then another box, then another, and another, until she got down to the ring box itself! She did not see that coming either.
They still play in the band together  and their bandmates performed during the ceremony.  For fun they enjoy going to Nashville Predators hockey games, listening to other bands and spending time with Lucy, their only “child” (Lucy is a black lab mix).
Once they return home as husband and wife, these two have plans that include: more home improvements, adopt a sibling dog for Lucy, win the lottery, buy an RV and follow our favorite bands around on tour. (OK, that last part is wishful thinking!)
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