Our fur-babies are members of the family — squirmy, energetic, over-eager members of the family that often can’t sit still and turn into a massive blur on camera. Pets make some of the most stunning family photos, but, even though they have wiggled their way into our hearts, they can be a challenge to photograph. When I photograph with a pet, I imagine I am a ninja! A little bit portrait, a little bit sports and a little bit rock at roll! (no seriously, a little bit child photography too.

As a portrait photographer (and mom to three dogs and one cat), the toughest family photo shoots I’ve shot involve both a dog and a toddler in the same photo because getting both to sit still at the same exact time borders on impossible. Well, maybe not impossible, just patience mixed with a little bit of fun.

Here are a few things that go a long way…

  1. Treats and Toys
  2. Learn the Pups Favorite Words and Use Them
  3. Patience. Did I Say, “Patience!”
  4. Get to Know the Pet like you Get to Know the Family
  5. Natural Light is Great
  6. Get on the Ground
  7. Portraits Mixed With Play.. Go Fetch!

And I have learned to bark, howl and pant.

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