Last Thursday I had a complete computer failure leaving me with a fried mother board, video card and exteral hard drive. For the past week, I have had Mark scrambling to get me a new system, install all my programs, get my email working and the last piece was to figure out what happened to all my photos.

I have to be honest, for the last three nights I have not slept and got physically ill thinking of the possible huge loss of most of my 09 work and having to share this with clients. The external hard drive is unreadable and with the computer crash came the mystery of why the other photo back up was gone too. I did however, burn DVD’s of all my shoots. Excessive, maybe, am I thankful, YES!

I called the moving company that is storing my things while I am in transition and 5 guys, my son AJ and I plowed through crates and boxes this morning. I asked everyone to pray that these disks were found and I have to take a moment now to publically thank God for His hand in this. We never know why bad things happen to us and so often we let our cirmumstances get the best of us. This is one of those moments where a miracle needs to be acknoweldged and I am so thankful to everyone who was praying and helping me through this.

God DOES answer our prayers. Maybe not always in the way we hope or even understand. TRUST me, I am living it now. But He is faithful and I want to just give Him all the glory and honor today and every day!

Have a Blessed Weekend


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