Ryan-Fullam Wedding ~ Austin, Texas

Flying to Austin to see Katherine and Shawn last Friday was such a treat. Kate and I met some of the nicest people! It was so nice to see Shawn’s family again after a year when they last vacationed here on the Isle of Palms.

Our weekend went by quickly. We did not get to see any sites in the Austin area but I hope to go back and see the city. Barton Creek was home for the weekend. Kate and I made it to the resort just in time to have lunch with the bridesmaids and moms. Later, we unpacked and got ready for a fun night with about 175 people at the Salt Lick. It was the best BBQ I have ever eaten! The toasting went on for hours for these two and the “Cowboy Chic” attire gave us some great candids. The Salt Lick is located in Driftwood, Texas.

The rehearsal went off smoothly too. The wedding was held at the Smith Family Chapel. I fell in love with it. The inside is simple and beautiful. There is a winding garden pathway off to the side of the chapel that we used after the wedding for Shawn and Katherine’s photos. The Chapel is part of the Riverbend Church and the story is the Smith Family built the chapel for their daughter when they could not find a church they liked in the area for their daughter’s wedding!

I will post more in the next few days, so please keep checking the blog. There will be links to webshows and eventually to all the photos.

Rehearsal Webshow

Please click on the “rehearsal webshow” to see photos of the rehearsal and the dinner at Salt Lick.

I love comments, please write to me! If you can tell me what was in the cooler on the bus going to the reheasal or what Shawn was carrying into the Salt Lick in the big blue container I will put your names into a drawing for a $25 gift card toward photos.


As always…great pictures, Lea! Looks like a wonderful time.

Love the song choice too….doesn¬¥t get much better than Otis!

Hope all is well!

Keep the comments comin!
Thanks I love them and I am sure Shawn and Katherine will to.

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