So, Why Hire A Pro?

With cell phones and smart cameras, it seems that everyone is a photographer these days. As members of PPA, Professional Photographers of America, we want our clients to understand the difference and why when you go to hire a photographer, it is wise to invest more to achieve a better experience and outcome in your images.

Just to give you a brief education, here are a few examples of before and after images with explanations of the work that goes into the editing process. On top of learning programs like Lightroom and Photoshop, we carry licenses, pay taxes and for some even pay rent for a brick and mortar building.

Are there “weekend warriors” who will come shoot for a few hundred dollars? Of course there are! And if that is your budget then you will definitely find them. But if you are looking for “Ritz” service then leave that happy meal behind and reach out to me or someone who will give you that experience because they value their art, they understand what quality is and how to preserve your memories and will have some really cool ideas to share!

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