Thank You!


I finished going through all my photos and decided to print some 4×6 prints for family to see as not everyone can view my work online. When I dropped the discs off the manager asked about how many photos were on them and I answered “Oh, maybe a couple of hundred.” About an hour later he calls me with a more accurate figure….975! Those were just my favorites! I had such a grand time going back and remembering all the things you shared with us (ok, maybe not ALL as in everything!) that would be a miracle given the amount of information you shared. I wanted to say thank you to you and to Eduardo. Our trip was wonderful. You were a fantastic guide and we could not have been more pleased with our vacation. If you are ever in the States and in this area please look me up. I would love to show you Charleston.

Ciao and as always with wax,


This is so YOU!!

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