The girls came out to play

So check it out dogs, as Randy would say…yes I did watch American Idol last night and have followed the whole season! Check out these fabulous girls. Mary, Emily Leann and Caroline all got into a photo event last night in downtown Charleston and on Sullivan’s Island. Here are some group shots and then you will be able so see each one individually complete with their own music videos.

This session was to help jump start my new website: which will launch some time in June. I need some great guys so any of you non camera shy gentlemen out there please give me a call. I would love to take photos for you too.

I am so excited about this new twist on senior photos. TOTALLY NONTRADITIONAL and totally fun! Props, trendy clothes, anything goes! There is no limit to where we can shoot or what you can wear to reflect “YOU!”

Packages will include photos for the parents, low res images for facebook and my space, awesome coffee table books complete with sayings, lyrics, quotes and whatever else you can think of to write on the inside to go with your photos. These books will be awesome for family parties and grad parties with friends to get people writing more than just “good luck”!

And a huge shout out to Caroline Howard who helped me all night long!

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