It was a late start today getting out the door!¬† I had to go to the local laudrimat to do some wash.¬† I have not done that since the 80’s in NYC!¬† So after laundry and a yummy sandwich we hit the road for some adventure.¬† Our first stop was Rue de Rhenne for some bargain shopping.¬† Picked up a cute shirt and sweater there.¬† After that I was on my own for a few hours while Nita had to do some of her own stuff.¬† I went to Ponte Neuf on the Seine.¬† It was chilly but I walked for awhile, took some photos in the area and then went to see Sainte Chappel which has 1000 year old stained glass and is also the home of the oldest fresco in Paris.¬† Then it was on to a cafe for an expresso and to meet Nita.

Our next stop was Place des Vosges.  What a beautiful area and I need to go back to shoot it during the day.  There was fabulous boutiques, gorgeous art galleries and the architecture is spectacular.  We hit a bar called Hook on the way home for a glass of wine.  IMG_7650IMG_7656IMG_7663IMG_7667IMG_7670IMG_7675IMG_7689IMG_7706


PARIS!!!! Wonderful pictures; you look great in the white coat! Don’t forget us if are visiting England.

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