What’s Up with the New Hospital?

Yesterday I ran over to the new East Cooper Medical Center site to check on the construction. Things are ahead of schedule and I could not believe how much they had done in just a few weeks! They are busy creating the parking lot and there are mini mountains of dirt everywhere. So there I was walking around with my hard hat on (not too glam) and thank God I decided NOT to wear my heels! There were BIG trucks everywhere I turned – don’t ask me what they were but I would bet good money any three year old boy could tell you in two seconds flat. One was dumping large piles of stone, another paving, there was something else digging big holes in the ground just to name a few! I saw a few heads turn and heard a few chuckles from some of the guys as I tip-toed around not so familiar territory for this prissy photographer!!! It was all in good fun.

check out a few of the photos I shot. I am making a new slideshow for the hospital to take to some meetings next month documenting the progress to date.

One of the really OLD shells that keep popping up out of the ground. Some are about a million years old.

Tell me what this is??

This is Zeb. He’s a good buddy!

I stoppped to take some pretty pictures of the Camillias on my way out.

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